National Housing Strategy Youth Consultation

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National Housing Strategy Overview

The Government of Canada has invited Canadians to inform the new National Housing Strategy. The National Learning has developed a list of recommendations related to youth homelessness in Canada.

Youth Engagement

Youth engagement is an important component of the Learning Community’s work. For the National Housing Strategy, the Learning Community has drafted a set of recommendations that need to be included in the National Housing Strategy to support the work being done to end youth homelessness in Canada.

It is important that we hear from young people to check that our recommendations will prevent youth homelessness and assist young people who are currently homeless to exit homelessness.

Here is a handout we created to support our youth consultation process:

Youth Consultations Handout

The Learning Community has designed an online survey to hear from youth with lived experience of homelessness.

Please scroll with your mouse inside the survey to get to questions further down.