There are a number of resources available on youth homelessness. Here are the Learning Community's go to resources.

Rapid Re-Housing Handbook

This handbook provides guidance on implementing, evaluating, and refining rapid re-housing programs for youth.

Host Homes Handbook

This handbook provides guidance on implementing, evaluating, and refining rapid re-housing programs for youth.

Roadmap for the Prevention of Youth Homelessness

The Roadmap for the Prevention of Youth Homelessness aims to function as a useful guide to the critical role that prevention should play in a comprehensive systems response to youth homelessness, detailing evidence-based and informed program areas that will help service providers, advocates, communities, researchers, and governments to implement plans to prevent and end youth homelessness.

Without A Home: The National Youth Homelessness Survey

The Without a Home study is the first pan-Canadian study of young people who experience homelessness. With 1,103 respondents from 47 different communities across 10 provinces and territories, this study’s sample size has enabled us to conduct detailed analyses and to draw important conclusions.

National Housing Strategy Recommendations

The Learning Community has designed six recommendations that are required in the National Housing Strategy to ensure the strategy prevents and ends youth homelessness.

Youth Homelessness Community Planning Toolkit

To support the enhanced capacity to respond to youth homelessness in unique local contexts across Canada, A Way Home has developed this toolkit to help communities create plans to prevent, reduce and end homelessness among young people.

Youth Rights! Right Now!

Youth homelessness is a pressing issue worldwide that requires urgent attention. To help address the issue, a collaborative group of organizations from Canada and Europe have developed Youth Rights! Right Now! Ending Youth Homelessness: A Human Rights Guide for grounding strategies to end youth homelessness in international human rights law.

LGBTQ2S Toolkit

The idea behind the LGBTQ2S Toolkit is that if staff are trained to have cultural competency on LGBTQ2S issues and organizations have inclusive tools like policies and forms, then youth will have better experiences in our spaces and programs.

Housing First Framework for Youth

The need for a consideration of how Housing First works for young people (aged 13-25) is based on concerns raised by policy-makers, practitioners and indeed, young persons themselves, about the applicability of models and approaches developed for adults who are homeless, when applied to a youthful population.

Coming of Age Report

The goal of this report is to present an argument for approaching how we respond to youth homelessness in a new way. The report achieves this by pulling together key information about youth homelessness, to better inform how we respond to the problem.

Community Workspace on Homelessness

The Community Workspace on Homelessness is an interactive space for leaders, service providers and policymakers to share information, seek input and guidance from others, as well as have discussions around homelessness.

Youth Housing Toolkit

This toolkit outlines some ideas for transitional housing incorporating the Foyer model but is meant to provide a model that is flexible and adaptable.

Youth Employment Toolkit

This toolkit outlines some ideas for providing a youth employment project for at-risk youth and is designed to create a model that is flexible and adaptable.


Communities across Canada are faced with the growing crisis of youth homelessness. Many organizations are operating in isolation of a larger network.

This National Map is a dynamic resource that will enable organizations to connect. Each organization on this map have completed a survey that gives a brief overview of their programs and services.

The organizational summaries are searchable by: city/town, population size, program/service, organization name. On the bottom right is a zoom button that will allow you to zoom in or out.

This National Map is a work in progress. If your organization is not listed (or you notice an organization that is missing) please click here to respond to the survey so we can add your organization.

If your organization is already on the map, but you need to update your information please click here to complete a form to notify us of the correct information.

Please email us at with any questions.

Please note the National Map is best viewed using the following web browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


Looking for more? We recommend visiting the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness' Homeless Hub site. 


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