Centre résidentiel et communautaire Jacques-Cartier

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“Je persévère et je découvre qu’au CJC j’ai plus de forces en groupe que seule” ” I persevere and I discover that at the CJC, I have more strength in a group than alone”

Jacques-Cartier Centre is a notable housing organization in Québec. They focus on youth engagement in governance with their youth tenants. Residential and Community Centre Jacques-Cartier is a multiservice center for young adults aged 16 to 35 years in Québec City, and includes 27 units of social housing transition, a coffee bar, a wood shop, a circus arts program, community garden and kitchens, and initiatives related to arts.

Photo: CJC

The Initiative:

Residential Component: approach “life plan” and support the voluntary tenant – Young people seek to achieve the life goals they set for themselves within a supportive environment that promotes collective thinking, the empowerment and the ability to act in person.

Impact in young people:

  • Prevent homelessness among at-risk youth through transitional housing
  • Stability with respect to housing and organized activities of daily living asset to find a job or complete his studies
  • A positive and welcoming environment to relax, be creative, and develop a sense of belonging
  • Accept the rights and responsibilities as a tenant
  • Become agents of positive social change within the community.

Replication :

  • CJC operates in a converted school property and played a role in revitalizing its downtown neighbourhood
  • Many of the CJC activities have impacts beyond their walls
  • This is an innovative social housing project in Québec
  • Their approach is integrated into a community development approach